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3 Modern IT Security Flaws That You Want To Address With Your Business

by Gabe Herrera

Wow! All this new technology has given your business infinite opportunities for growth, all while keeping the costs down. Unfortunately, it is also something that creates new vulnerabilities for your business, such as data theft and corruption, as well as intrusions into your business network. This is why IT security is more important than ever. Here are some of the modern security flaws you may find in your business and want to address.

1. Public Cloud Services And Exposing Your Business Data To Threats

In today's world where everything is more connected, your business network has a lot of incoming and outgoing connections. Some of these may be to public cloud services for things such as personal email or a visit to someone's favorite social media site. This is something that can compromise the security of your IT infrastructure. To solve this problem, talk with a IT security company about setting up a proxy server that helps direct connections and can block IPs from any dangerous, outside cloud services.

2. Evil Within Causing Security Risks And Reaping Havoc On Reputation

Sometimes, the evil does not have to come from outside your business network. The threat may be inside your business, sitting right in front of you. An employee that holds a grudge and wants revenge can do a lot of damage with important information. This is something that can also come from customers or clients that have had access to your business network. Talk with a IT security expert about limiting excess to data for people that should not have it. This can include limiting access credentials to only the essential services that employees need to get their work done.

3. Mobile Connections Causing Vulnerabilities To Your Business Network

Mobile connections can be another source of vulnerabilities both inside and outside your business. Does your business offer free Wi-Fi to customers? This can be good to promote your business but a danger to the network. Consider separate connections and networks if you must provide these services to clients and require access with modern encryption using a password or PIN. You may also want to stop mobile connections of personal devices in the office and use a VPN (Virtual Private Network), for any connections to mobile software your business may be using.

These are some of the areas where your business good be falling behind when it comes to information security. If you need help keeping your business safe from new security threats, contact an IT security company like Infoguard Cyber Security to evaluate your businesses information technology systems.