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Addressing A Few Common Concerns About Security Camera Systems

by Gabe Herrera

Securing your home against criminals will require you to make a number of investments into your home's security. In particular, your home may benefit from having a security camera system installed. However, if you have little or no experience with these systems, you might need to have the following few questions concerning security camera systems answered.

Will A Security Camera System Work At Night?

There are some homeowners that may assume these cameras will require floodlights in order to work at night. These lights can be expensive to operate, and they may also cause your power expenses to spike. Fortunately, you will not need to have these lights installed. It is possible to opt for security cameras that are equipped with infrared technology. This will allow them to provide clear images regardless of whether it is night or day. While these cameras will have a higher initial cost, avoiding the need to install floodlighting may be more than worth this added cost.

Where Is The Video Footage Stored?

It can be common for homeowners to assume that the footage provided by these cameras will be stored on traditional tapes. However, many modern security camera systems utilize digital storage. When using this type of storage, it is less likely that the footage will be damaged or degraded. Also, it will not require you to regularly change these tapes. Depending on the configuration of your system, you may be able to access this footage remotely from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

How Will A Power Outage Impact Security Camera System?

It is an unfortunate reality that your home will eventually suffer a loss of power. While you may assume that this will render your security cameras inoperable, they utilize a backup battery to ensure that they are able to operate during these periods. When these systems detect a power failure, they will automatically switch to the battery system. Once the power is restored, the system will switch off the battery backup and start charging it.

Making the investment to install a security camera system can be a worthwhile expense for those that are wanting to upgrade the security of their homes. Knowing that some of these systems can be configured to provide night vision with the use of infrared technology, the way that the footage will be stored and how these systems will respond to a power failure will help you to be a better-informed consumer when you are making this choice. To learn more, contact a company like First Call