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New Tech For Protecting Your Home When You Can't Defend It Personally

by Gabe Herrera

You can't defend your home 24 hours because you can't stand guard every second of the day. If you're concerned about how to take care of your house even when you aren't able to personally watch over it with your naked eyes, there are some new technologies that can help you make sure that you can do that no matter what. 

Smartphone Surveillance

If you don't have a full security cam system already, but you have old smartphone lying around, you can convert them into a means of surveilling your house when you aren't there easily enough. There are plenty of free versions available out there for those who want to try it without cost. Generally, it starts with putting a smartphone somewhere where it can stand upright.

Since smartphones can't usually stand up on their own, this could mean leaning it on a wall, putting it in a coffee cup, or any number of other solutions. You can then plug it into a power socket and connect it to your WiFi. Once you've done this, it should be possible to check it with another smartphone from anywhere in the world.

That way, you can feel better about leaving your home for whatever reason. Plenty of these apps also allow you to activate motion sensing capabilities. This way, you'll get notified if anything happens.

Waking Security

Another option that can definitely help is having, either on your smartphone or through some other mechanism, a method of waking yourself up in the case of a break-in. In some cases, the traditional alarm might be good since it could alert those nearby and potentially frighten off burglars, but there may be situations where you don't want this. For example, if your house is prone to cause false alarms for whatever reason, you aren't going to want to set it off constantly.

You also aren't going to want a loud alarm if you'd rather catch a criminal in the act. In this case, you'll want a phone or other device to wake you up with vibration or flashing lights that don't immediately spook the thief. That way you can call the police and have them get there while the thief is still there as well.

Overall, there are plenty of options out there these days if your goal is to keep your home safe when you can't. The key is to keep up with the advances. 

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