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How Adding Video Surveillance To Your Security System Can Add Safety To Your Property

by Gabe Herrera

You can achieve security in many different ways. A security system that alerts you to a break-in or trespasser is enough for many properties, but there are situations when adding some video surveillance may be necessary. Working with a security surveillance installer to help you add to your system is often the best place to start.

Exterior Video Surveillance 

When you are ready to start placing security cameras outside and around your property, it is a good idea to start with a complete survey of the property by a security surveillance installer to help determine the best placement. You may have some idea where you want them, but a security company may suggest some spots that you may overlook. 

The type of security cameras you use is also important. A doorbell camera, a camera looking over the driveway, and cameras that capture anyone coming to the front or back door are standard. Still, there are some other spots that you can add cameras that potential intruders may not consider. 

A night vision camera in a dark corner of the property can be unseen but allow you to see anyone entering the property there. A motion camera mounted near a doorway can track people coming to the door, and security cameras that are moving can cover a large area with fewer cameras if cost is a concern. 

Interior Video Surveillance 

Putting security cameras inside the home is not always welcome, but if an intruder makes it inside the house, it is the best way for the security monitoring company to assess the situation. With security cameras inside the home, the monitoring company can also advise you where the intruder is in the house so you can hide and wait for authorities to arrive and resolve the situation. 

Having security surveillance installers put cameras in the common areas of the home is typically enough. Avoiding areas like bathrooms, bedrooms, and offices that need to be private is important, so talk to the installer about the type of camera they recommend and where they should be to provide the most effective coverage inside the home. 

Night vision security cameras are available inside the home to enhance coverage when you are sleeping or when you are away at night. And if the system is set up correctly, you can access the cameras inside and outside the property when you are not at home or when you are approaching the house to make sure everything is secure and it is safe to enter the property. 

The ability to monitor your home from a mobile device can be worth the expense of adding security cameras, especially if you live in a remote area or live alone. Contact a company like A-A Lock & Alarm Inc to learn more.